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Products and Services

At Inter Diam, we offer diamonds of the finest cut as well as exquisite diamond jewellery. Backed by our strong manufacturing capabilities, our product portfolio includes uncertified and certified diamonds up to 10 cts., and innovative diamond-studded jewellery incorporating contemporary, traditional and fusion styles.


We offer only natural, non-conflict diamonds of the finest cut with assortments tailored to customer requirements. We supply uncertified diamonds up to 29 pts. We accept orders for specific sieve size requirements and provide bagging services too. For stones 30 pts and above, we supply uncertified as well as GIA/IGI/HRD certified stones.

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Proprietary and Special Cuts

Our USP is developing and manufacturing specialized round diamond cuts such as the 73-Facet Diamond, 89-Facet Diamond, 97-Facet Diamond, and the Hearts & Arrows Diamond. Each one has a unique pattern which offers customers an unparalleled combination of superior scintillation and great emotional depth. Some of our proprietary cuts have been very well received by consumers and are the best-selling products in their category.

Top view of 73-Facet cut

Bottom view of 73-Facet cut

Hearts and Arrows diamond

Diamond Jewellery

At Inter Diam, we focus on providing our customers with a diamond jewellery line that is classic yet contemporary. We supply rings, pendants, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and bangles with a special focus on fashion-forward designs. Our library of designs is constantly updated by a team of designers that keep abreast with global trends. Working closely with a very strong manufacturer ensures customers of advanced planning and just-in-time delivery. We also undertake manufacturing on a contract basis for our customers.


We believe that CUSTOMIZATION is vital to deliver exceptional service experience that adds value to our product proposition. To this end, we tailor every process to match customer expectations; from regular delivery schedules and quality checks to creating innovative diamond cuts and theme-based jewellery collections. Furthermore, as part of our efforts to deliver more to our customers, we provide regular insights on market dynamics and trends.